DataPortal Documentation

Sorry, for the moment this document is only a short draft. I need your help to know what needs explanation. Please send me a mail about the points where you want more information.

Fabien Pinet,

Experimental Data

With this page you can find, consult and download your ILL experimental data. Here data is understood to mean raw data (i.e. numor files), processed data, and meta-data.

You can only look for data produced from the Data Policy (cycle 123 of Autumn 2012)

Before this date data were not classified then it is impossible to find data for a specific experiment. Meanwhile there is another tool to search old data ranges whith their metadata: Barns IDA.

Data search

All text search fields (in Global and Advanced Search) use the same syntax: enter the keywords you wish to search for. The default Operator is AND and only entire words are matched (ignoring plurals, articles...). To find a word part use the * wildcard (example: instru will not find instrument but instru* will).

Both searches allow to find InternalUse proposals. They are not real proposals but a per cycle/instrument public storage folders that should only be used for files of common interest (e.g. Calibration files). These internal use fake proposals appears with a Number like: internaluse-143-in1.

If the "Include experiments without data" is unchecked, the proposals which haven't indexed data can't be found. Remark: an experiment can be considered as not having data even if it has, if the data scanning procedure has not already scanned its data.

Experiments List

All Experiments matching the search criterias are listed here, all match keywords from the given criteria are highlighted.

If you are a member of the experiment a small icon on the right of the experiment, shows your role: member or manager (main proposer, local contact)

By clicking on an experiment you will get its information in the "Experiment Information" panel.

Experiment information


Information about the experiment's proposal (Title, Abstract, Planning, Sample(s)).

External links to this experiment in other tools: User Club, DOI, Nomad Logs.

If you are a manager of the experiment, some information about data downloads and a button to make the experiment public.


All member of the experiment

A button to send a mail to any/all members even if you don't know their email address.

If you are a manager of the experiment, a button allows you to grant another person access to the data or set a member as manager.

Data ranges & Data folders

Both tabs allow you to consult and download data.

By clicking on a data range or Folder you will get its information in the Data panel.

Data panel

Click on a file to open a menu allowing you to view or download it.

To select several files you have two ways: the last item of the previous menu allows you to select all files, you can also click and drag on one file to select several files. To unselect files selected by mistake simply click and drag from one file.

Interface tips and tricks

If you click on any panel title bar you will zoom on this panel.

If you move over any reduced panel title bar it will show again.

Click on the "Popout" button in the Experiment information panel title bar to show this experiment in a popout window. Advantage: you can view several experiments at the same time. You can even send the popout window URL by email.

Sftp Service

In case of large volume to download the http protocol does not provide sufficient mechanisms to ensure smooth and reliable transfers, you can opt for our new sftp server:
You can't connect to this server with your web browser. You need a dedicated sftp client like FileZilla (Windows, Linux, MacOS) or openssh (Linux, MacOS).
To get mor information please click on this link.

Reactor Shutters

This page shows you the current reactor power and the statuts of all shutters. Values are updated in near real time (1 to 2 minutes maximum delay).

Leave the mouse pointer over a shutter to get its last event information.

Click on a shutter or the reactor power to get history information about the given element.

Use the top right Favourite Shutters button to highlight your favourite shutters.

Legacy Data

This page allows you to search data created before cycle 123 ( before the 24/12/2012)

For the moment, you can only search data from the cycle 951 (from the 06/01/95) to cycle 122 (to the 14/10/12)

If you want to download older data, please connect to with an sftp client